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THE TRUTH, a novel by Ana Teresa Silva

Atualizado: 13 de nov. de 2023

Book Launch December 1st, 2023 Lisbon, 4 pm.

The Truth is a novel that presents an innovative, hybrid genre between fiction and reality; between real interviews and travel narrative; in an interweaving as deep as life presents itself to us.

How does one master the delicate dance of unconditional openness to truth? How does one deconstruct the prejudices that condition one's perception? How does one learn to feel the truth and trust one's inner voice? It is questions like these that lead us in this book based on stories, conversations both real and fictional, knitted into the same tale, all serving the same purpose.

The Truth is like a map, and a map always depends on the person looking at it. As such, the profound journey enshrined in this story - and what you take away from it - will depend solely on you. This is a book that is open entirely to each reader's consciousness.

In this novel, in a search for the truth of her own existence, the protagonist, Helena, takes us on her travels to Italy, Corsica, Mexico, Egypt and France, and we share in the wisdom she draws from 12 interviews conducted in the course of her own journey.

12 interviewees (names in order of the photos below):

FREDDY SILVA (Author, Documentary Filmmaker, Researcher of Ancient Civilizations),

JUDE CURRIVAN (Cosmologist, Author and Co-founder WholeWorld-View),

PAM GREGORY (Astrologer),

PETER ENGBERG (Award-winning filmmaker),

MARIN BACH-ANTONSON (Founder of Priestess Rising Mystery School)

MARTIN GRAY (Anthropologist, National Geographic Photographer)

ADAM APOLLO (Physicist, Systems Architect, Designer)

ARIEL SPILSBURY (Author of "Mayan Oracle", Founder of 13 Moon Mystery School and Sanctuary of the Open Heart)

SANDRA CISNEROS (Award winning writer)

SARITA CAMERON (Founder of SolHenge Retreat centre)

JUDITH KUSEL (Author and Soul Coach)

JIM GARRISON (President of Ubiquity University)

In reading just the prologue:

"There is a feeling of being transported to another world beyond time, another dimension that we are now being called to enter. Ana Teresa Silva's writing in particular is haunting and hypnotic, creating a sense of the liminal and ethereal, and I have no doubt that it will be a great success."

Pam Gregory

"It was so powerful... it was a true experience of dropping into a gateway. I could feel that it was very powerfully preparing me for the journey that the story was about to take me on. And the words and the poetry mixed with the potency of the words, it was woven with frequency, it was woven with the vibration that I could feel. And it was just really... wow, I felt a big wow. I felt the impact of the prologue as an experience beyond paragraphs."

Marin Bach-Antonson


Helena, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, throws herself into the investigation of her newest documentary under the topic of “Truth”, thinking about the false premises that have defined realities for centuries and how these still condition us to this day. There are many fields to explore, such as the fact that Mary Magdalene gained the identity of a prostitute during a sermon of Pope Gregory I in the sixth century, remaining as such during several centuries, and how this influenced the role of women and female sexuality: in the disconnection of sexuality from the sacred, and in the stifling of the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. This and many other premises are questioned throughout this book.

After all, how can one discover the cracks through which light can pass? How can one distinguish what is true and what is not? And how do we reach our own hearts, removing the layers that don't belong to us?

As reality always overtakes fiction, Helena's quest brings her the truth that eventually threatens to destroy the most important foundations in her life.

From great love to pain, from lies to truth, from the dark night of the soul to a new state of consciousness, this journey opens a doorway towards a new culture of love and wisdom; towards understanding the importance of the balance between the Masculine and the Feminine within oneself and in the world; and thus to the harmonization of the spiritual level with the material; and, in the process, to the discovery of the wisdom that resides in every heart. An initiatic journey that allows each reader to discover their own best compass, best polygraph, whether drawn from the heart or the gut, to reach for the truth.

About the author:

Ana Teresa Silva combines 30 years of journalism & writing with her work as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, PSYCH-K®, Meditation and Biodanza facilitator. She is also a certified Trainer in Creative Writing and in the field of Personal Development. As an independent journalist, she has worked in radio, television, for magazines, documentaries and the web. In 2008, she founded a pioneering international digital magazine covering "the best in the world for a better world" that inspired readers from 145 countries. Over 10 years, she interviewed extraordinary people, from all over the world, who are changing the world in different areas: visionaries and social entrepreneurs, men of science and the arts, activists, pioneers and international authors in the field of personal transformation.

As an award-winning writer, she navigates between novels, poetry and children's literature. She has 7 published books and, in her writing, reflects the alchemy collected throughout the convergence of her multiple paths.


Her mind appeared like a pure spring of thoughts, which overflowed endlessly. She looked up to the sky, and to Thomas who was already sleeping by her side, to the trees that surrounded them, and she imagined the wise women who, over so many generations, in the midst of the forests, at the peaks of mountains, along the banks of rivers and seas, in the temples and monasteries, bearers of ancient traditions, had gathered to perform sacred rites. Dancing in the moonlight, singing and prayer, conversing with countless forms of divinity through sacred gestures, they who were clairvoyants, priestesses, healers, oracles, agents of the Great Mother Goddess who gave birth to the universe.
What was she feeling now, as a woman who enjoyed these ancestral rites, as she was learning that millions of them had been killed during the witch hunt? Grandmothers, mothers, even children. It was not clear to her to understand what she was feeling, how those acts perpetuated in those centuries could still permeate in the collective unconscious and its feeling. She had spoken to Thomas about what she was after, the basis of her research, the ideas that twirled within her, although it wasn´t about religions, politics, history, education, or any particular event, the question she was after the realization of the types of truths that conditioned life still today, what narratives marked men and women, and how they had subsisted over the centuries, at what cost, with how many deaths of dissonant voices, and what energies continued to prevail on the planet, through competition, thirst for power, control, envy, hatred, wars, and how much could be transformed with a new vision of oneself, with other "truths", or at least with other perspectives on some issues central to the human existence and the home where we all live, Earth.

in The Truth, by Ana Teresa Silva

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