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Have you ever wanted to develop your psychic abilities, exploring through practice different types of intuition (like Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Claircognition)?


because you have a keen (but fickle) intuition, and you want to give it clarity;

because you know that expanding your intuition can lead to best decisions in your life;

because you want to raise your level of self-confidence through your inner guidance;



because you want to awaken your intuition in order to better navigate a world "where many can no longer distinguish what is true";

because you want to activate universal intelligence and know the best paths to your dreams;

because you want to fine-tune your sixth sense, so that you can hear its calm voice even in the midst of chaos;

because you want to develop intuition rituals and take advantage of synchronicities;



because you want to learn how to use guided meditations as an aid to cultivating Intuitive Intelligence... 

If you recognise yourself in these statements, the Intuition Practice Labs were created for you.

Each PRACTICE LAB is held on Saturday (10am to 6pm)

and in each laboratory you will be able to discover and try different exercises that explore, develop and reinforce intuition:

  • meditations, 

  • psychometry,

  • use of crystals, 

  • automatic writing, 

  • connection with guides, 

  • oracles, 

  • games, 

  • remote viewing, 

  • etc.

Each session will have different practices,

to explore your own capacities and practices that lay the foundation for developing intuition

to explore a visual (Clairvoyance) or auditory (Clairaudience) intuition (to better receive higher information)

or to explore intuition through feeling or receiving information telepathically.

AS THEY ARE PRACTICE LABS, they are created to practice with other like minded people and learn ways to do it.

It is important to let go of expectations of results, as evolution always involves trial and error. Just like in a gym, or in any other area, it is necessary to practice to develop and expand certain skills.

Whether because you want to awaken or reactivate your sixth sense, or take it to another level (for those who already have it well awake), these practice labs create a path for this. There are no levels, just the desire to learn new practices and work on intuition.

Discover yourself, explore your potential, learn new resources to tune your reception antenna and transmission device, empower your intuition to better navigate life, in the face of the complexity, uncertainty and excess of information in today's world, foster your own centrality, self-awareness and intuition, these are some of the reasons that may lead you to join us in these Intuition Practice Labs.

You can choose to go just one Saturday or several, depending on your interest and availability.

There are already 2 dates scheduled, but other sessions/Saturdays can be organised between them depending on the interest of the working group.


23 March

29 June

(others to be defined with the group)


Casa da Magnólia, Colares (Sintra)


Early bird

for registrations until February 15

1 Saturday: 90€

2 Saturday or more: 75€ each

for registrations after February 15

1 Saturday: 105€

2 Saturday or more: 90€ each


MBway: 939602981

IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 00013396078 38


To be considered for early bird registration,

If you have any other question simply send a message to Nicole Gonçalves via whatsapp

you can also call +351 939967603

or send an email (

These Practice Labs are facilitated by Ana Teresa Silva


Ana Teresa Silva crosses several professional areas, combining 30 years of Journalism and Writing (she has 8 published books), with her work in Coaching, NLP, PSYCH-K®, Energy Medicine, Meditation and Training in both Creative Writing and Personal Development.

Some training courses and certifications:

  • Coaching International Certification with ICL

  • Advanced PSYCH-K® certification with Matilde Santos Leal (Spain)

  • NLP Practitioner International Certification with Cris Carvalho (Brasil)

  • CCP Trainer Certification

  • Points of You certification for professionals

  • Authentic Leadership Training with Adam Kahane and Wendy Palmer (South Africa and USA)

  • Participative Leadership International Training (Art of Hosting)

  • Zen Leadership Workshop with JCI Junior Chamber International

  • Aura Reading course with Elisabete Fernandes (Portugal)

  • The Way of the Shaman® of Michael Harner, with Luis Gonçalves Louro, Foundation for Shamanic Studies

  • Reiki I with Judite Lopes (Portugal)

  • Energy Medicine Course with Donna Eden (USA)

  • Crystal Healing Course with Ana Ferreira (Portugal)

  • Art of Living Course - Meditation (Art of Living International)

  • Imago Relationship Therapy Workshop with Stella Alexandrian (France)

  • Rose Path Program with Marin Bach-Antonson (USA)

  • Biodanza School of Portugal (qualified facilitator)

  • Motion Analysis Training with Dania Neumann (Austria)

  • Therapeutic Playback Theatre Training (ISPA)

Join us. Embrace your sixth sense, trust your intuition, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and creative potential. The power of intuition is in your hands — let your sixth sense guide you to new horizons and possibilities.

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