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IM Magazine - inspired people in over 145 countries

Atualizado: 4 de mar.

Founded by Ana Teresa Silva, IM Magazine covered "the best in the world, for a better world" for 10 years and inspired readers in over 145 countries.

To better understand the scope of IM magazine and its impact on the world, nothing better than to read the testimonials of recognized change makers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, foundations CEOs, leaders and innovators from around the world.

“Positive news and inspirational examples are key catalysts for the kind of social change that is needed to deeply transform culture. IM Magazine is one of the leading media projects that provide such culturally transformative news by spreading positive stories, exploring hopeful innovations, and highlighting the work of diverse positive change agents in the transition towards a culture of sustainability and peace”.
Dr. Daniel Wahl, FRSA, International Futures Forum & Bioneers Global

“I have witnessed how a person expands her vision from a single country to the rest of the world. How she infuses contagious enthusiasm through stories from all walks of life scaling the spirit of change and sustainability! IM is the expression of productive change done with style and joy!”
Pedro Tarak, co-founder and current president of Sistema B previous Counselor to the President of AVINA for special projects

“It’s rare to come across digital media that is as compelling and as richly evocative as IM Magazine. IM Magazine asks piercing questions that get to the heart of some of the most exciting social ventures of our time. IM Magazine communicates with great compassion and a clear belief in people’s ability to change their lives and build a more sustainable and happier world”.
Jack Heath, Executive Director and Founder of the Inspire Foundation

“With its outstanding articles, its innovative videos and its magnificent design, IM Magazine focuses on the positive developments, reinforcing the belief and the hope of democrats and reformers that it can be done, that there are many pathways to a just, tolerant and responsible society to which we can all contribute. This is no small accomplishment, as the challenges we face are high and at times discouraging, and the best antidote there is hope – an informed hope, one that is solidly built on good practices and the inspirations successful reformers provide”.
Hauke Hartmann, Senior Project Manager, Transformation Index (BTI), Bertelsmann Foundation

“IM Magazine has been constantly committed to push boundaries of knowledge and aesthetics for a sustainability agenda”.
Alejandro Litovsky, Co-founder and Director of the Earth Security Initiative

“In a world rampaged by violence, manipulation and waste, IM Magazine is one of those springs of creative “positiveness”, documenting and being a lighthouse for islands of hope that can inspire concerned people anywhere and anytime”.
Professor Anwar Fazal, Director Right Livelihood College, (Alternative Nobel Prize)

“Brilliant, innovate, inspiring. IM Magazine is singular in its scope with regards to how we are re-imagining our relationship to each other and the world”.
Paul Hawken, Founder of the Natural Capital Institute, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author

“IM Magazine continues to impress us with its inspiring design and attractive presentation of people, ideas and projects important to a sustainable development. The work of IM represents a significant complement to our work in Berlin, Germany, and further to our international networking. We look forward to the next years of cooperation!”
Michael A. Lafond, Director of Institute for Creative Sustainability

“It’s important to have a place like IM Magazine where innovation, creativity and positive change make front page news, where change makers get out inspired and energized and can share their ideas and dreams with the world, where people get strengthened and hopeful.”
Maria Zapata, Director of International Operations (Europe) of Ashoka

“IM Magazine is an ambitious endeavour aimed at bringing good ideas to good people, all for a better world for all. Having personal and professional experience with IM I warmly recommend this to others too. The world needs committed citizens like those at IM Magazine”
Hans Henrik Knoop President, European Network for Positive Psychology

"Every time, Ana Teresa managed to perform a brilliant job of identifying, interviewing and filming some of the most pioneering innovators who attended.  She did so with grace, diplomacy, tact and charm.  The results are there to see.  Doing so as a regular journalist would already be an achievement.  Ana succeeded on a modest budget, acting very entrepreneurially, often on her own, driven by her unique passion and commitment.  Congratulations !"
Marcello Pallazi, Founder Progressio Foundation

“Being myself convinced of the vital necessity of lasting and more human news, I’m happy to find echo in IM Magazine. Media can - and should - contribute to razing awareness in order to achieve a more human world. I’m dreaming and working on the creation of a worldwide information net based on the idea of the construction of the future of our societies. I’m sure IM Magazine will be a valuable partner.”
Françoise Schöller Agence FTV- Rédaction Europe, journalist TV Channel France3

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