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The journalist path

As an independent journalist, Ana Teresa Silva worked for documentaries, magazines, radio, television and web and she founded (in 2008) IM Magazine to cover "the best things in the world... for a better world"; an international digital magazine that, for 10 years, inspired readers from 145 countries.

She also co-created the "Portuguese +" television program for TVi24; for 2 years, she was a regular presence at a live TV program at SIC Mulher (TV channel) sharing new projects and people that are changing the world; and she was also Editorial Director of the digital magazine MSN Health and Well-being.

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Briefly, in the last 15 years as an independent journalist,

she has been focusing on covering and sharing solutions, initiatives and people that are shaping the future and creating a more sustainable, more conscious and more harmonious world. Be it for international digital magazines, TV programs, TV documentaries or her books.

Ana Teresa also believe in changing the world from inside out, and that a sustainable global shift in consciousness has to start with an inner-world shift at the personal level. So she is always interested in finding inspiring people that can give us greater wisdom for action and reflection.














The last years, Ana Teresa has been more focused on TV documentaries and her books.


"Roots and Fruits" is a 12 episodes documentary-series, which premiered on RTP2 on October 3, 2023, and which includes interviews from a Nobel Prize in Physics or a Chef with 7 Michelin stars, to the grandson of Pablo Picasso or the son of Charlie Chaplin.  


Her last book called The Truth presents a new genre and also includes 12 special interviews (published in December 2023).


As a side note, in 22/2/2024 Ana Teresa Silva created a new page on instagram (@thejourney_ofchange) to share excerpts of the exclusive interviews she has been doing along the way... to share freely with the public some "pearls of thought" and inspiration... in a time of great change and serious challenges where everyone needs some "lights".

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