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facilitated by the award-winning writer Ana Teresa Silva





  • self-discovery

  • increase creative self-expression

  • relieve work-related stress

  • dealing with transition, change and promoting resilience

  • transmuting professional burdens (social workers, health professionals, counsellors, psychologists, etc.)

  • releasing and rewriting stories that are closed in on themselves

  • personal development

  • improving relationships

  • defining objectives and a vision of the future

  • overcoming adversity

  • releasing inhibitions

  • etc.

If you are interested in taking part in one of these workshops or organising one for your organisation/group, please send an email to:


This Writing for Wellness Workshop can be customised for specific objectives unique to each organisation/group, for example:

  • writing to mitigate job stress and burnout

  • writing to deal with transition, change and to foster resilience

  • writing to alleviate fatigue for social workers, healthcare professionals, counsellors, trauma therapists, humanitarian aid workers, etc.

  • writing and storytelling for peer support and team building

  • writing for healing and growth

  • writing for goal setting and visioning

  • writing to overcome adversities

  • writing to grieve losses and move forward

  • writing for improved health

  • writing for success in business and career

Neurologist Judy Willis explains that the practice of writing improves the way the brain receives, processes, retains and searches for information; as it promotes focus and attention, strengthens long-term memory and clarifies patterns. 

And Social Psychologist Tim Wilson discovered that "story prompting" techniques produce surprisingly effective changes in perspective and behavior.

These workshops include all kinds of exercises, readings and discussions for writers of any age, at any level, to achieve greater emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual wellness.  


This is an opportunity where participants in a non-academic setting could play with words, free themselves from their own inhibitions and discover that they are original and have something important to express. 

With this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discover practical exercises that can help them incorporate writing into their daily lives, find their own voice, boost their creativity, enhance their literary skills, and share the richness of their stories.


Writing is an illuminating, healing process and one of the most beautiful ways of reconnecting with one's inner landscape.

In this workshop we will develop many practical exercises that encourage the exploration of emotions, memories and experiences... At the same time, we will discover new ways of developing a richer and more vital form of writing.

Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt's famous quote, "Do one thing every day that scares you", Self-Discovery Writing is a process that uses writing as a path to self-knowledge and as a catalyst for personal transformation, integrating meditation, movement, expressive writing, enquiry and reflective journaling.

With this workshop you can:

#1 Explore writing as a powerful tool for self-care and self-discovery

# 2 Discover how important writing can be in creating a new future

#3 Find methods to quiet the voice of self-criticism

# 4 Use writing to reconnect with your best self

About Ana Teresa Silva:

Ana Teresa Silva combines 30 years of journalism & writing with her work as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, PSYCH-K®, Meditation and Biodanza facilitator. She is also a certified Trainer in Creative Writing and in the field of Personal Development. As an independent journalist, she worked on radio, television, magazines, documentaries and the web. 

As an award-winning writer, she navigates between novels, poetry and children's literature. She has 8 published books and, in her writing, reflects the alchemy collected throughout the convergence of her multiple paths.

Testimonials of working with Ana Teresa Silva:

"A reconnection with myself, a letting go of judgements, obstacles and blockages. I compare this work with Ana Teresa Silva to a journey of discovery through the contours of our creative and intuitive essence. Through meticulously interwoven challenges, I travelled through emotions, scents, feelings and memories that unravelled into flowing texts, unblocked and free of fear or judgement. Feeling the power of resonance in my writing was a big step towards continuing to want to write more and better. Ana Teresa facilitated this process for me. I'm very grateful."

Ana Pracaschandra, journalist

"The act of writing has become uncomplicated and is now part of my daily life. The exercises proposed, as well as the feedback after reading them, have enabled me to realise the potential and current limits of my writing. Only in this way can I work on it and make it more and more capable, using the wealth of tools provided by the facilitator Ana Teresa Silva. The wording of each exercise was always an open door to creativity: it guided us towards areas of varying degrees of (dis)comfort."

Andrea Rocha, sociologist

"I particularly enjoyed the practical aspect, where we were presented with various exercises and methods that allowed us to search for personal imagination, verbal elasticity and creative daring. The presentation of "games" to unlock the uniqueness of each person, the creation of scenarios, situations and characters are tools that have clearly helped to overcome the blank sheet syndrome." 

Nuno Simões, financial director

"A challenge that has become an inner journey, intense at times, but always rewarding. There are unforeseen paths that lead us to discover hidden corners of ourselves and those we write about. This workshop led me down those paths, opened windows, unleashed unexpected landscapes... Time flew by and my heart was full. I came to the end wanting to explore more and more. I look forward to more challenges like this."

Fátima Serpa, Manager

"Ana Teresa Silva's facilitation was masterful, unhurried and determined. Without shying away from responding to her own writing challenges, with ambition and a well-defined programme, attentive and demanding without being directive, flowing in sync with the group's evolution. And what a great group of people with a passion for writing, for life, with very different styles and ready to share what they wrote, without being judgemental, with openness. I enjoyed it and recommend it."

Arthur Vasconcelos, Entrepreneurship consultant

If you are interested in taking part in one of these workshops or organising one for your organisation/group, please send an email to:

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