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About the founder 
Ana Teresa Silva

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I believe that each of us holds a torch. And we’re part of a bigger, universal story to which we add every day with our thoughts, feelings and actions (our light, our unique voice). And through sharing, we can create a ripple that extends from the center of our heart.

Every project that I create is a way of sharing. The Journey is, in some way, an important milestone for me, as it's the result of an alchemy of the knowledge gathered the last 30 years.

I crossed several professional areas (Journalism, Fiction Writing, Social Innovation, Training, Coaching, NLP, PSYCH-K®, Aura Reading, Dance, Meditation) but, although some of these professional paths may seem distant, they are arms of the same trunk (human inspiration - reconnection with inner power and guidance - Body/Spirit connection). 


And for the difficulty of cataloging this interweaving of professional paths, I really like when people present me with poetic imaginative names as "personal transformation catalyst", or a "positive information pollinator". I fully recognize that one of my passions has always been to gather nutritious information from multiple sources and then cross it, connect it and share it with others, to "fertilize" new ideas and insights, and produce new seeds that can bring out the best in each one.

To know more about my professional path, and Academic Qualifications, Specialised training and Certifications, see below.

Ana Teresa Silva combines 30 years of journalism and writing with Life Coaching, NLP, PSYCH-K® and Training in the area of Personal Development.

As a award-winning writer, she navigates between novels, poetry, children's literature and screenplay. She has 7 published books. "The Truth" is her last novel and will be released October 2023.  If you wish, you can buy it here.


Ana Teresa also facilitates Writing Retreats as well Creative Writing workshops.

As an independent journalist, she worked on radio, television, magazines, documentaries and the web.

In 2008, she founded a pioneer international digital magazine covering the best in the world for a better world that has inspired readers from 145 countries (  

For 10 years, she interviewed, all over the world, extraordinary people who are changing the world in different areas, visionaries and social entrepreneurs, men of science and the arts, activists, pioneers and international authors in the field of personal transformation (including great authors like Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Neale Donald Walsh, Masaru Emoto, Mark Williams, Barbara Fredrickson or Sir Ken Robinson).


If you are curious to know more about the people from the 5 continents that I really enjoyed interviewing, check out this list here.

Ana Teresa Silva was also, for two years, a regular presence at SIC Mulher TV channel sharing new projects and people that are changing the world. She also co-created the Portuguese + television program for TVi24, the children's TV series A Família Galaró (RTP), the Bloom and Inspire Saúde events at CCB, and she was also Editorial Director of the digital magazine MSN Saúde e Bem-Estar.

She is currently finishing an international series of 12 documentaries, Roots and Fruits, whose premiere will be on RTP in 2023, and which includes interviews from a Nobel Prize in Physics, or a Chef with 7 Michelin stars, to the grandson of Pablo Picasso or the son of Charlie Chaplin. This documentary series brings together the testimonies of 18 interviewees from around the world, with very different cultures, values and experiences, who are building a legacy in their area of expertise or who have inherited a legacy that is shared with Humanity.

What is the greatest legacy we can leave? And will this family legacy be an honor or a bondage from which we must free ourselves? From unconditional love to the deepest traumas, what factors define our identity? What is the weight of our choices in the path we have traced, as individuals and as a species? What really matters when we take stock of a life?

As a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Ana Teresa also has been empowering others to create the change they want to see in themselves and in their own lives.

In addition to obtaining the International Coaching and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Certification, she was part of the first group in Portugal to have advanced PSYCH-K® Certification, which Bruce Lipton, author of the bestseller "The Biology of Belief", considers a big step towards the new 21st century psychology.

Ana Teresa Silva also attended the Biodanza School of Portugal (3-year course), Aura Reading Course, Energy Medicine, Authentic Leadership Course, Movement Analysis, International Training in Participative Leadership, among others.

Combining her different professional knowledge, she creates and facilitates courses, workshops and retreats in the field of human development that you can find here in The Journey.



Journalism/ Writing

  • Master Degree in Social Communication at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal – FCSH)

  • Scholarship from the University of Bordeaux III (France)

  • Secreenwriting course (2 years) with Hugo Hepell, Martin Dale and Jason Kliot

  • Creative Writing Course with Rui Zink (1 year)

  • Photography Course AR.CO (2 years)


  • WORKSHOPS (just a few highlights, among others)

  • Workshop “Between document and fiction” with Dusan Makavejev (Serbia)

  • Workshop “Writing movies around music” with Michael Heath (New Zealand)

  • Workshop “The actor and improvisation” with Alfredo Cavazzoni (Italy)

  • Workshop “The practice of film language” with Veit Helmer (Germany)

  • Workshop “Directing actors” with Beatriz Flores Silva (Uruguay)

  • Workshop “Road Movie” with Olivier Babinet and Fred Kihn (France)

Personal Development

  • Coaching International Certification with ICL,

  • Advanced PSYCH-K® certification with Matilde Santos Leal (Spain)

  • NLP Practitioner International Certification with Cris Carvalho (Brasil),

  • Biodanza School - Portugal (3 years)

  • Authentic Leadership Training with Adam Kahane and Wendy Palmer (South Africa and USA)

  • Motion Analysis Training with Dania Neumann (Austria)

  • Aura Reading course with Elisabete Fernandes (Portugal)

  • Reiki I with Judite Lopes (Portugal)

  • Zen Leadership Workshop with JCI Junior Chamber International

  • Participative Leadership International Training (Art of Hosting)

  • Art of Living Course (Art of Living International)

  • Imago Relationship Therapy Workshop with Stella Alexandrian (France)

  • Energy Medicine Course with Donna Eden (USA)

  • Rose Path Program with Marin Bach-Antonson (USA)

  • The Way of the Shaman® of Michael Harner, with Luis Gonçalves Louro, Foundation for Shamanic Studies


CONFERENCES PARTICIPATIONS (just a few highlights, among others)

  • Speaker: I International Conference of Positive Psychology "Positive Nations: looking for hope-inspiring collective processes"

  • X Congress of Psychodrama

  • Speaker GLOCAL 2010 “Communication for Sustainability”

  • II International Sociodrama Retreat (Awakening Humanity, Sociatry, Psychodrama for Transformation and Transformational Breathwork)

  • I International Conference on Transgenerational Transmission ("Reconnecting Ancestral Roots": Knowing and Healing Family Patterns)

  • Speaker III Social Entrepreneurship Congress (ES)

  • Speaker II Portuguese Congress of Positive Psychology ("Letter to Humanity")

The Journey

The Journey offers courses, retreats, classes, workshops, one-on-one sessions and learning trips that support and empower you on your transformational journey.

Different offers, but a common ground: self-discovery, safe sharing space, expanding awareness and creativity, pulling your higher consciousness into your choices, liberate you from the chains that bind you and the false beliefs that hold you back, rekindle your aliveness and life force.


One of the big challenges of our times is to live a flowing, authentic life, one that’s true to our deeper natures and respectful of our planet.  And it is not possible to meet these new challenges, based on past patterns and unconscious beliefs. In order to manifest the life we desire, to have the harmonious and enriching relationships we crave, we must deeply understand the inner space from which we are operating.


The Journey creates these deep journeys of self-awareness and access to heart intelligence so that we can connect with the best future possibilities of ourselves, others, and the world.

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